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Sleep Sustain


USD $24.99

Sleep sustain has an optimal combination of a quick release and sustained release melatonin: Melatonin 10mg Sleeping Tablets.

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REGULATES SLEEP-WAKE CYCLE: Our natural sleep aid supplement helps establish normal sleeping patterns, so that you wake up refreshed every morning. Having a healthy sleep routine leads to extra strength and vitality, thus, contributing to overall health.Setu Melatonin regulates your circadian rhythm and restores your natural snooze cycle.

EASES JET LAG: In today’s world, multiple reasons affect melatonin production – shift work, excess caffeine, anxiety, jet lag, and blue light from all the devices we use. Our Sleep Sustain sleeping tablets for strong sleep help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Improving sleep hygiene can help you get more out of life! What’s more, melatonin is not addictive.​

HOW TO USE: Take one of our sleep pills before bedtime or as advised by a healthcare professional. Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.


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