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Rosemary Drops

Masala Drops

USD $7.00

Masala Drops Aromatic Rosemary | 100% Pure & Natural | Premium Quality – 10 ML | For Continental cuisine, Marination, Seasoning, Salads, Shakes and Smoothies

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There is no flavor like Rosemary – an all time favorite of every chef!  At Masala drop we bring you the goodness of the woody aromatic notes of the rosemary herb in every drop.

The woody and potent scent of rosemary can be added to you poultry dishes, soups, spread and teas, too! It is an aroma recognized worldwide by chefs and home cooks and is worldwide recognized for its anti-inflammatory agent.

Just squeeze and add one drop per portion to your food or drink as it finishes cooking and is served at the table, giving your culinary range that extra punch!

Rosemary Drops – A dash of goodness

Natural goodness of Rosemary drop helps in lower blood pressure and aids in weight lossRosemary is considered a cognitive stimulant and can help improve memory performance and quality

2 to 3 drops per portion

Natural Rosemary Leaf Extract, Aqua, Permitted Veg Food Emulsifiers

Masala Drop was conceptualized keeping in mind today’s daily life – busy and hectic. We just wanted to simplify the act of cooking while keeping health as the top priority.

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