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Garlic Drops

Masala Drops

USD $7.00

Masala Drops Aromatic Garlic | 100% Pure & Natural | Premium Quality – 10 ML | For Traditional Cooking, biryani, Curries, Gravies, pulao, Warm water and Honey

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Cooking made easy!

We know how time consuming – peeling, cutting and crushing can be and thus we have created the garlic extract that lets you enjoy the full heady aroma and taste of garlic in your dishes, without getting your hands dirty.

With the help of Masala Drop Garlic – you can make your dish aromatic and flavorful and the essence of garlic in a drop ensures that cooking has the right flavors making you the expert in your kitchen.  The goodness of garlic is to relive you of your stress and fatigue.

Just add a few drops of the extract to your ready meal, based on your taste.

Natural goodness of Garlic helps in building immunity and reduce high blood pressureGarlic also helps in maintaining your heart and brain health. Promotes digestion and gut health.

1 drop per cup, 2 to 3 drops for cookin

Natural Garlic Extract, Aqua, Permitted Veg Food Emulsifiers

Masala Drop was conceptualized keeping in mind today’s daily life – busy and hectic. We just wanted to simplify the act of cooking while keeping health as the top priority.

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