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Shilajit Oil

Dr. Vaidya's

USD $24.99

Experts Approved Formula For More Stamina & Power

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When it comes to intimacy, lasting long is always better. But excessive stress and poor stamina can lead to unsatisfactory performance. And this is where Shilajit Oil can help improve performance and get back the intimate passion!

Dr. Vaidya’s Shilajit Oil is a dermatologically tested fast-absorbing Ayurvedic power oil for men that can help them last longer.

This ayurvedic massage oil contains performance-boosting herbs like Himalayan Shilajit and Ashwagandha. It also contains Lavang & Jaiphal oil, which help improve endurance along with boosting blood flow. This means not only can you expect to experience stronger muscle tissue, but your endurance may also improve.

Men looking to last longer can benefit from using Dr. Vaidya’s Shilajit Oil regularly since it works quickly and is safe for long-term use.

  • Helps elevate power & stamina
  • Helps boost pleasure & desire
  • Helps improve local tissue hardness
  • Helps boost local blood supply
  • Non-hormonal formula with no known side-effects
  • Massage gently with 10 to 15 drops.
  • Use the oil in the morning & at bedtime.
  • For best results, use for min. 3 months.

Kaunch Beej: An excellent nervine stimulant that helps increase blood supply to the reproductive organ.

Ashwagandha: Promotes strength and stamina of local muscles.

Akalkara: Local anesthetic, increases blood flow to the penis, helps maintain erection & enhances performance.

Malkangani: Nervine stimulant that helps to improve erection.

Kalonji Oil: Relaxes smooth muscles of arteries & dilate sinoids (lacunar spaces) in the carpus cavernous (erectile tissue) of the penis.

Jaiphal Oil: Increases desire, causes Carpus Cavernous (erectile tissue) muscles to relax for a longer time.

Lavang (Clove) Oil: Local anesthetic that helps desensitize the penis and helps to prolong ejaculation.

Shilajit: Boosts desire, Nervine stimulant that helps increase blood supply to reproductive organs.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Moisturizes skin, helps reduce chances of infections due to the presence of antimicrobial compounds.

Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age Ayurvedic products company that strives to bring the iraditional, time tested goodness of ayurveda to 21 st century customers. Founded by the vaidya family, whose expertise spans 150 years of ayurvedic heritage, formulations and knowledge has bees passed down from generation to generation through dedicated practice. After treating thousands of patients for over a century and perfecting unique blends through careful expertise, today the company owns 100+ FDA approved formulations for ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

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