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Herbobuild DS (Double Strength)

Dr. Vaidya's

USD $32.00

Ayurvedic Muscle & Mass Gainer Capsules | Muscle Protein Synthesis | Lean Mass Gainer | Improved Stamina & Strength| Enhanced Atheletic Performance | Aids in Natural Muscle Growth

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Embrace the will to stay fit and the power to stay strong with Herbobuild DS, the superior Ayurvedic muscle gainer with twice the concentration of active ingredients of the popular Herbobuild. Herbobuild DS, the ayurvedic muscle and mass gainer capsules that are made with a blend of herbal ingredients such as     Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Safed Musli help in muscle protein synthesis and increased stamina. It helps you get the most out of your workout and makes your protein powders work harder. It also gives a natural boost to improve athletic performance, endurance, strength, and muscle mass in the most convenient way possible.     These ayurvedic mass gain capsules contain herbs that help control exercise-induced muscle damage, combat muscle soreness or pain after a workout, and assist in faster recovery.

Why Should You Get Herbobuild DS?  

Most herbal supplements that boost muscle growth and performance only contain 2-3 active ingredients (Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Safed Musli). Herbobuild DS contains an additional three Ayurvedic herbs,  Gokshura, Methi, and Kaunch Beej. It’s these three herbs that help give you an edge when it comes to  athletic performance. A blend of these herbal ingredients also help in muscle protein synthesis and  increased stamina.

Herbobuild DS is also 100% vegetarian and is made with all-natural ingredients. This Ayurvedic muscle  gainer also has no known side effects and is safe for long-term use.

  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis: With Ingredients like Safed Musli, Shatavari, Methi that are rich in essential nutrients and amino acids, Herbobuild DS helps increase muscle protein synthesis and strength which enhances stamina and endurance. It enhances the effectiveness of protein supplements such as protein powders and focuses on reducing soreness and pain recovery times to help you get the most out of your workouts.
  • Double Strength Formula: Herbobuild DS contains twice the herb concentration as Herbobuild for superior muscle building and also helps optimize testosterone levels to provide peak physical performance
  • Ayurvedic Mass Gain And Bodybuilding Capsules: Herbobuild capsule are made with Ayurvedic herbs such as Gokshura, Methi, and Kaunch beej that help enhance muscle mass and strength naturally. Herbobuild DS being an ayurvedic formulation also works on different body systems like muscular, digestive systems to restore the body?s physiology and give long-lasting effects
  • Ayurvedic Supplement For Natural Muscle Growth: HerboBuild weight gainer capsules help you achieve your fitness goals without risking the side- effects associated with chemically synthesized products. Herbobuild ayurvedic capsules are a combination of natural and pure ayurvedic herbs that help give a boost to your performance. These ayurvedic capsules ensure proper blood supply to muscles to improve workout stamina and supports post-workout recovery. Herbal ingredients in these capsules such as Ashwagandha, Gokshur, Kauch beej boost growth hormone production.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 capsule a day after meals or as recommended by physician. Follow a nutritious diet and exercise regularly. Take  protein supplements for faster gains.

Follow below mentioned tips for better results.

Aahar (Diet): Follow a protein-rich diet (Chicken, Oats, Nuts, Soybean, Paneer & Eggs) with 45-50g of protein per meal. Take protein supplements with 1.6 gm protein per kg of body weight per day.

Vihar (Lifestyle): Perform bodyweight & compound exercises under the guidance of a professional trainer.

Chikitsa (Dosage): 1 Herbobuild DS capsule after lunch and 1 post dinner with water/milk.

Continue taking Herbobuild DS for at least 3 months to see results

2X Ashwagandha, 2X Kaunch Beej, 2X Gokshur, 2X Methi

Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age Ayurvedic products company that strives to bring the iraditional, time tested goodness of ayurveda to 21 st century customers. Founded by the vaidya family, whose expertise spans 150 years of ayurvedic heritage, formulations and knowledge has bees passed down from generation to generation through dedicated practice. After treating thousands of patients for over a century and perfecting unique blends through careful expertise, today the company owns 100+ FDA approved formulations for ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

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