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Diabex Capsules Ayurvedic Capsules

Dr. Vaidya's

USD $24.99

Natural & Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Management

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Dr. Vaidya’s Diabex is one of our best-sellers that has helped many people naturally manage their blood sugar levels. The new Diabex formulation is even more advanced with 12 Ayurvedic herbs that have been scientifically proven to help manage blood sugar levels.

Diabex contains ingredients like Methi and Gudmar, which are known to slow down carb absorption and reduce appetite. They also help regulate blood sugar levels. Diabex also helps improve metabolism and counter symptoms of uncontrolled sugar levels like excessive urination, thirst, tiredness, and fatigue, thus enhancing the quality of life.

Diabex contains Amla and Haridra, ingredients proven to nourish and strengthen vital organs health. Amla, along with Shilajit in Diabex capsules are proven to boost immunity. This Ayurvedic blood sugar regulator is made with all-natural ingredients and is not known to cause any side effects.

  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Helps prevent sudden fall in blood sugar levels
  • Helps nourish vital organs
  • Helps promote glucose metabolism


For Severe Cases: 2 capsules thrice a day before meals

Moderate Cases: 2 capsules twice a day before breakfast and dinner

Borderline Cases: 2 capsules once a day

Kadu Kariyatu Ghan, Kalijiri Ghan, Methi Ghan, Karela Ghan, Jyeshtimadhu Ghan, Kankcha Ghan

Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age Ayurvedic products company that strives to bring the iraditional, time tested goodness of ayurveda to 21 st century customers. Founded by the vaidya family, whose expertise spans 150 years of ayurvedic heritage, formulations and knowledge has bees passed down from generation to generation through dedicated practice. After treating thousands of patients for over a century and perfecting unique blends through careful expertise, today the company owns 100+ FDA approved formulations for ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

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