The Indian term for morality and ethics is ‘dharma’. Dharma is derived from the root ‘dhr’ which means to hold together
At Root Ninety One, we believe in conscious living

Our products embody our vision statement:
Sharing the best of India to bring out the best in the world

Communication, clarity and collaboration lie at the heart of our most prized possessions: our relationships



Our products are proudly made in India. We source from different regions of India so that our products represent our diversity and that our customers get the most wholesome experience

Shipping takes 5-7 working days upon order confirmation

We believe that transparent partnership is essential to maintaining honesty and integrity as our core value. Every partner is carefully selected after a thorough background check, business integrity inspection and product quality control.

We would love to hear from you! You can send us an email at [email protected]

All of our products are of natural origin. The Indian roots have always had Mother Nature as a guiding light and we are excited to share the power of purity with you.

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