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  • Neemli

    10% Lactic Acid + Hyaluronic Acid Renewing Concentrate Serum

    A high-strength formula suspended in a unique botanical broth with exfoliating, polishing and hydrating properties that stimulate collagen production, improving signs of ageing and moisture levels.Neemli’s unique cell-renewing botanical broth is a ferment made with a mix of intensely nourishing herbal and floral extracts that help accelerate the delivery of actives while fighting oxidative stress and providing better barrier protection.

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  • Setu

    Mind Focus Capsules

    L-Theanine, Brahmi, Ashwagandha & Ginkgo biloba | Helps Improve Focus, Alertness

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  • Organic Netra

    Under Eye Gel Cream

    Deep Under Eye Skincare Made with USDA Organic Ingredients for Dark Circles

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  • Humanhood

    Mind and Body Fitness Planner

    A unique two-fold planner dedicated to uplifting your well-being The unique two-fold planner gives specialised attention to the “Mind” and “Body” aspects. You can track your drinking, eating and sleeping habits, and screen time and it encourages you to finish a “health” challenge every day to become a healthier version of yourself.

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Your route to India starts here

Your route to India starts here

Our Bestsellers


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