India has always been a land of calm, of colour and of culture.

A world where healing is bound by faith and where people are bound by roots.

Ninety One is India’s country code and to many, the face of India.

Behind the face, there is a voice. A voice that is filled with vibrance, curiosity and connection.

We wanted to share India’s abundance, artisans and authenticity with you: a new way of life with old roots.

Our products are little glimpses of magic: carefully curated, artisanally crafted and proudly loved.

We welcome you to indulge in a journey of tradition, trust and a little bit of thrill.

We welcome you to Root Ninety One

From India, with love


Artisan empowering

We believe in talent and encourage all routes that build healthier communities

Natural origin

We represent products of natural origin and believe in a world free of synthetics

Cruelty free

We commit to the animal rights movement and follow cruelty-free practises

Fair trade practises

We follow business practises with honesty, integrity and transparency at our core

Made in India

We represent the nation of India and identify as products of Indian origin

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